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For many, the thought of any surgery can be distressing, however fortunately with AIMIS you can set your mind at ease and be sure you are getting the finest treatment available. Here at AIMIS, we aim to alleviate any concerns regarding your proposed surgery and make sure the experience is comfortable and unforgettable. The reason why many choose to travel across countries to have their surgery with us is because we use the most innovative surgical technologies, performed by leading US and International based spine surgeons, pioneers and experts in their field. Furthermore, all AIMIS staff is compassionate, caring professionals who provide a personalized patient service, coordinating all necessary arrangements by taking every detail into account. They are a group of multi-lingual and professional personnel, with extensive experience in the medical tourism business whom will be there for our patients every step of the way, to make certain their experience is flawless.

The first service AIMIS offer, free of charge, is a comprehensive review of your MRI. Starting the process requires you to complete the “Contact Us” form found on our webpage. You will then receive an introductory email from us, guiding you on how to easily submit your MRI, as well as complete a questionnaire and few forms regarding your medical history. It’s important that you submit the most recent MRI scan (less than 12 months old). Once uploaded, our American based medical board will review your MRI, and note your condition, its cause and severity. A report of their findings will then be sent to you shortly after, along with their suggested recommendations for treatment. We will discuss the findings with you to see if you are a candidate for AIMIS surgery.

If you are candidate for surgery, you will receive a quotation/offer from us regarding your operation. If all is approved and the surgeon’s dates are confirmed as available, we will move to tentatively plan your trip and manage all scheduling, ground arrangements including hotel accommodation and full transportation. Before patients leave for Cyprus they receive a personalized schedule and all the relevant information needed in order to prepare for their surgery. Their personal AIMIS caregiver will ensure all medical records are in our system, advice the patient on the travel documentation needed and provide any other information they may require. This enables AIMIS patients to enjoy their journey, safe in the knowledge that everything has been accounted for.

The moment they arrive in Cyprus patients and their companions are met by one of our experienced personnel who will escort them to their opulent 5-star Hotel. Accommodation is on a full board basis, including therefore three meals a day. Once our new patients have been checked-in their personal AIMIS caregiver will go over the surgical program and advise them of their pre-surgical consultation time. At this time all AIMIS Spine patients are provided with a prepaid local cell phone in order to easily contact us at AIMIS, who are available throughout the patients’ stay on a 24-hour basis. Within 24 hours of your arrival, you will visit your AIMIS surgeon for a pre-operative consultation. Your medical transcripts will be reviewed and additional pre- operative tests conducted to ensure you are ready for your surgery. All transfers needed are prearranged by our able staff and our patients are accompanied to all doctor’s appointments, pre- and post-operative, throughout their stay. Patients and their companions are guided through the whole surgical process by our staff, every step of the way. While the patient undergoes minimally invasive surgery, the AIMIS staff member will attend to the companions’ every need.

Once the surgery has been performed and the patient has been discharged from our facility, they enjoy a relaxing recuperation in a luxurious hotel or rehabilitation environment.

EDEN’s strategic alliance with AIMIS Healthcare Group gives patients the opportunity to stay in a resort-style setting for their personalized rehabilitation program where they can enjoy resort type services and conveniences, outstanding amenities and activities of a top-class facility with the assurances of a world class healthcare provider. AIMIS EDEN has a complete setup of experienced medical personnel with expertise in their particular area of rehabilitation including a resident General Physician, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Nutritionist and a Psychologist. A 24/7 medical and nursing care covering any medical need of our patients is AIMIS commitment on the way to full rehabilitation after a surgical intervention.

Our Resident Medical Officer will then monitor the patient’s recovery on a daily basis, ensuring the surgery healing process is smooth. Once the patient is deemed “fit to fly” then the last leg of their surgical journey is almost complete. Once departed, our Staff will still be in communication with AIMIS Spine Patients who can arrange any necessary follow-up, back home, with an AIMIS associated doctor located nearby. Moreover, AIMIS personnel, in order to ensure the best medical aftercare, will maintain a follow up with all the patients on a timely basis (3, 6 and 12 months and then annually for a 5-year period).

We offer case management to all of our patients, working closely with international insurance providers, lawyers and other official bodies – helping our patients to obtain the right treatment, they deserve. Our patients travel from all over the world and depending on their health insurance policy, following pre-approval, all claims are covered. More and more insurance companies are seeing the benefits of offering patients international cover, allowing their clients to the best possible health care.

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