Our Story

Millions of people all over the world suffer from complex medical conditions which cannot be easily or effectively treated in their home countries. Many of these conditions can be managed by leading surgeons in the US or elsewhere, but financial and other reasons restrict patients to access them.
AIMIS was formed to fill this gap. Its founders gathered the leading minds and surgical technologies in the field of minimally invasive surgery and made them easily available to patients from all over the world.

Through the years we have identified an increasing need for US & international patients to also go abroad, despite the fact that the US has some of the best trained surgeons, a great hospital system and the greatest technologies in the world. The interference of government bodies and insurance companies in the relationship between the patient and the physician often obstructs physicians trying to prescribe the best treatment for their patients for various reasons such as cost and age.

By going abroad all interferences are avoided and the sacred relationship between the physician and the patient is back on track where they can both decide what is best for them. Avoiding the obstacles not only offers a much more specific and suitable solution and treatment to the condition in hand but also significant cost savings for the patient.

Spine was our starting point and it quickly became apparent that any patient who had a documented disorder of the spine that required spinal intervention and spinal surgery could benefit from a center like AIMIS. With some 30 leading American trained physicians being able to perform the surgeries they consider best, AIMIS gave them the opportunity to just do that and offer it to patients internationally.

The success of AIMIS Spine encouraged us after 5 years to move to the next stage of our development and setup AIMIS Robotics. We applied the same concept of bringing together the leading US based and international minimally invasive robotic surgeons and significantly expanded our medical services in many and diversified specialties to the world.

AIMIS’s strength is its collaborative experience as we have the largest single experience accumulatively in the world. AIMIS surgeons are the pioneers in their field and are always trying to find what the next best thing is because they know that there is always something better out there for our patients. We’re not satisfied with the status quo and want to always push and find what we can do to achieve a better outcome with less stress on the patient.

At AIMIS we have a team approach; it’s not only the surgeons but also the need of the surgical and medical support teams – surgical assistants, other doctors, technicians and nurses who are familiar with the surgical procedures and healthcare requirements in general. In addition, the immediately noticeable State of the Art Facilities contribute to the outcome and patient overall satisfaction.

Moreover, the attention to details and an all-encompassing service philosophy led to setting up a concierge service with very personalized and VIP seamless approach to cater to all patients needs and doubts in travelling to foreign lands and making their experience very satisfying.

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