ISO 9001:2015 / OHSAS 18001:2007 / ISO 27001:2013

AIMIS Healthcare Group, consisting of AIMIS Ltd that manages the group and the rest of the companies AIMIS Spine PLC, AIMIS Robotics PLC, AIMIS Clinics Ltd and AIMIS Academy Ltd, that offer primary, secondary, and tertiary care, education, training and research, aims to achieve worldwide recognition as a centre of excellence and subsequently expand AIMIS centres selectively throughout the world. It is our policy to comply with all applicable requirements, including those of our patients, US, EU and local legislation and those of Quality Management (ISO 9001), Information Security Management (ISO 27001) & Occupational Health and Safety (ISO 18001) whilst achieving a high quality and cost-effective service.

The basic principle and commitment of our company and the philosophy of its members is to provide customers high level healthcare services that cover their conventional requirements. In order to achieve the above, the Management of «AIMIS LTD» has established an integrated Quality Management System in reference to:

“The provision of minimally invasive surgery, specialising in spine and robotic technologies including post-operative and follow up care” (ISO 9001/ ISO 18001) and the “Provision of minimally invasive surgery, specialising in spine and robotic technologies post operation and follow up care. In accordance with the AIMIS Ltd. Statement of Applicability issue 7, dated 10/02/2017” (ISO 27001), which is applied in all the processes that can affect its services and products quality, its employees’ health and safety and welfare and therefore the customers’ satisfaction.

We have developed a management system to control our processes and to direct our employees in order to achieve this policy. We will establish objectives and targets which will be monitored and measured in order to continually improve our quality and our information security, in accordance to the Statement of Applicability. We are also committed to preventing injury and ill health through health & safety compliance. Representatives will be nominated to manage each of these activities and will have the responsibility to report to senior management on the current performance of the system.

Maintaining the security of information, whether it belongs to us, our patients or any other interested party is one of our priorities. Security risks will be reviewed and evaluated to determine the risks they pose and where appropriate, controls will be put into place to minimize the risks encountered. Breaches and attempted breeches of security will be monitored and acted upon accordingly and systems will be established to ensure that in an emergency, business can continue with the minimum of disruption.

This policy will be made available to all interested parties. AIMIS requires all directors, senior managers & employees to fulfil their legal responsibilities & to cooperate and consult with staff & management to ensure the company’s continued success and growth. All employees and contractors working for the company will be trained in, made aware and be required to comply with this policy. It will be reviewed and updated (where required) as part of the management review process. An internal evaluation, regarding employees and policies is conducted to ensure the high level of services offered, as well as the best possible internal structure is maintained. Where changes to the policy are made, it will be re-issued and implemented.

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