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AIMIS Clinics, member of AIMIS Healthcare Group, is a chain of premium healthcare institutions, stretching across Cyprus. This island-wide, multidisciplinary team of General Doctors, Medical Specialists, Surgeons and Therapists, along with the aid of our Clinical Laboratory and Diagnostics Centre, work together to provide the highest standard of patient-centered & tailor-made medical care



Our Headquarters, “Athonitissa”, are located in Limassol and are an outpatient, multidisciplinary medical center of excellence. This clinic truly offers patients an ALL-IN-ONE experience as you can find a wide spectrum of Medical Specialties, an In-House Clinical Laboratory and In-House Diagnostic Imaging Center. As a result of this medical synergy, patients enjoy a redefined and wholistic approach to healthcare.


S. Sergiou

AIMIS Clinics S. Sergiou is a Larnaca based clinic, offering patients General Surgery & Orthopedic Surgical solutions. Dr. Sergis Sergiou had a long family history of serving patients who were desperate medical need. After taking over, the AIMIS Clinics Network aims to follow in his footsteps. From simple doctor consultations to complex surgeries, the S. Sergiou clinic’s patient centered approach aims to serve each and every patient’s needs.



Our latest installment to the AIMIS Clinics Network is the ASPIS clinic in Nicosia. Here, patients enjoy a peace of mind, as all Medical Specialist work together to give a wholistic opinion to any potential underlying health issues. Apart from the classical outpatient, multidisciplinary approach, this clinic also hosts a plethora of Medical Seminars in its large conference rooms, intended on dealing with chronic pain and psychological health.

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