Diagnosis/Next Steps


How do I get in touch with an AIMIS surgeon?

The process is simple, easy, and thorough. You just need to fill in your contact information in one of our CONTACT REQUEST FORMS that are available on the website.

After I fill in my contact details, what is the next step?
What is a Patient Management Executive?
What kind of instructions will I receive and for what?
How will I send my Examinations?
Do I need films or a CD with my Medical Imaging Examinations?
How will I know that my medical information and Examinations have reached AIMIS?
Will my medical files once submitted, directly reach AIMIS’ Surgeons board?
How long should I wait, until I receive an AIMIS Surgeons’ review?
Based on what, is a specific surgeon chosen to review each case?
How would I know the cost of the surgery proposed to me?

Within 24 hours after having received the medical plan, you will also receive from our Financial Department a corresponding quotation with a full analysis of potential costs and our financial policy agreement.

After I receive the quotation, how do I proceed?
If I decide to proceed with a surgery, can I use my insurance cover for payment?
For me confidentiality has a vital role. Would you ensure that all my information will remain confidential?
How will I know the exact date of my surgery?
After I have surgery and my surgeon flies back to his home country, who will be following up with me?
Upon discharge, will I see a doctor again while in Cyprus?
After departing from Cyprus, will there be any kind of follow up?
Before departing from Cyprus, will I get a copy from my medical file for my follow up in my home country?


(All services to facilitate your surgery) – FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS
What exactly is the AIMIS Concierge?

The AIMIS Concierge is a customized service responsible for all peripheral requirements around your surgery and entire stay in Cyprus. The services provided include arrangement for your travel, accommodation, transportation and other required services oriented towards your exact requirements.

The AIMIS Concierge representatives can be considered your “guardian angels” for the whole stay allowing you to focus on recovery.

What should I expect from Concierge executives?
My English is very poor. Are your patient management executives able to speak in another language?
Where will I stay? Do I have to book a hotel?
Where are these hotels? Are they close to the hospital?
Will I be able to follow my religious rituals and beliefs, as far as the food is concerned?
How will I know, where I should be and when, after landing to Cyprus?
When will I be admitted to the hospital? How is this done?

Admission usually takes place on the same day of your surgery, early in the morning. Our transfer associate will pick you up from the hotel at a pre-designated time. Your concierge executive will be waiting for you at the hospital to greet you and assist you during the whole process.

What will happen upon my admission to the hospital?
Due to my religious beliefs and restrictions, I would prefer the nursing staff to be of the same gender with me. Is that possible?
Where will my accompanying person be staying while I am hospitalized?
How will I be able to contact you if I need anything during my stay?
If my recovery allows it, will you be able to arrange a tour for me?
On the day of my departure will I be accompanied by a concierge executive as well?

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