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daVinci Xi

The new DaVinci Xi 4 Arms 3D HD system (successor to the 11-year-old Si model) is the latest surgical robotics technology on the market, offering an unprecedented level of surgical precision with flawless results. The DaVinci Xi defines perfect surgical coordination and precision, with its enhanced penetrative visibility and ergonomic design, delivering superior surgical efficiency. It is also the first robotic surgery system to be approved by the American FDA.

How it works:

The surgeon manipulates and coordinates the whole system through a console, having in front of him a maximized and three-dimensional image of the surgical field. The surgeon places his fingers on “joysticks” attached on the console, where his/her every move is replicated with absolute accuracy and stability inside the surgical field by the robotic arms.


Da Vinci Endowrist Instruments

Precision beyond the limits of the human hand
The instruments are designed with seven degrees of motion - a range of motion far greater than the human wrist. Each instrument has a specific surgical mission such as clamping, suturing and tissue manipulation.

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