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Understanding the problem

A Tarlov cyst is a dilation of a spinal nerve root sheath, in other words, the outer covering of a spinal nerve. The progressive accumulation of cerebral spinal fluid inside the nerve causes it to expand and form a cyst.

The expanded or dilated spinal nerve can then compress other nearby nerves around it and cause debilitating symptoms. They can be developed anywhere in the spine where spinal nerve roots are present, but the majority of symptomatic Tarlov cysts are found in the sacrum (base of the spine).

Signs and Symptoms

Sacral (tail bone) pain or pressure

Pain with sitting. May feel like you are sitting on a rock or an object

Avoidance of sitting type activity

Pain with standing

Pain in the legs and feet especially in the back of the thighs

Leg weakness or numbness

Bowel or bladder or sexual dysfunction

Pain or numbness in the perineum or private areas


Dr. Frank Feigenbaum

Dr. Frank Feigenbaum is largely considered a pioneer and the world leading surgeon in the field of treating Tarlov cysts. His specialized techniques singles him out as one of a few neurosurgeons worldwide to show statistical improvements in his patients.

Since 2007, Dr. Feigenbaum has been gathering and analyzing Tarlov Cyst surgical outcomes from his surgeries in the US and with AIMIS Spine in Cyprus. To date, over 3000 Tarlov cyst patients have been involved in his study which measures and reports patient outcomes for two years post-surgery with him.

The Results?

  • Exponentially significant improvements in leg pain, physical functioning, sitting time, energy, and emotional well-being
  • Substantial reduction in the number of locations of pain
  • Statistically lower narcotic use for pain management


The responses from the four unique self-assessments of pain, quality of life, and functionality indicated a trend toward improvement in all areas following surgery.

That is why patients from all across the world visit us, seeking treatment with these superior surgical outcomes

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At AIMIS Spine, we strive for medical excellence and life-changing experiences. Apart from the world class medical care though, the vast surgeon knowledge and the VIP services you will be receiving, another reason to consider surgery with us is due to our location, the beautiful island of Cyprus.

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