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Understanding the problem

Total Disc replacement (TDR) also referred to as artificial disc replacement (ADR) is a type of surgery where a damaged spinal disc is replaced with an artificial disc. Artificial disc surgery may be performed on the lower back (lumbar) or the neck (cervical).

Artificial discs are designed with the goal of providing motion preservation of the spine with the most natural possible form and function of the spine's disc. Total Disc Replacement has been proposed as a newer alternative to fusion procedures for the treatment of pain and instability associated with degenerative disc disease.

Signs and Symptoms

Lower back pain

Low-grade aching pain with the occasional flare up

Pain that is center of the lower back, potentially radiating to the hips and legs,

Pressure on the spine feeling

Prolonged standing may also aggravate the pain

Pain particularly when bending, twisting or lifting

Numbness and tingling in the legs

Difficulty walking

Chronic pain, unresponsive for at least six months to non-surgical treatment

Technologies used

Artificial Disc Implants

Innovative next generation disc replacement implants – talk about the companies we use. our surgeons are the proctors who took part in the design and development of artificial disc of all major spine manufacturers

NeuroVision Intraoperative Monitoring System – NVM5

During spine surgery, it is important to protect the nerves associated with the spinal column. These nerves carry messages to and from the brain, organs, and limbs, aiding them with proper movement and sensation.

The NeuroVision Intraoperative Monitoring System provides real-time, precise, and reliable feedback to ensure nerve and spinal cord safety. By using this unique and advanced technology, the surgeon is provided with intraoperative information about the location and function of the nerves, assisting with safe implant placement and surgical technique during minimally invasive spine procedures.

Benefits of the NVM5:

  • Uniqueness - The only clinically validated neuromonitoring system for lateral spine approaches
  • Discrete Thresholds – NVM5 delivers discrete thresholds, enabling the surgeon to assess proximity to the nerve in the lumbar plexus.
  • Directionality – XLIF Dilators’ directionality provides nuanced information via precise vectoring of the stimulation electrode within the lumbosacral plexus.
  • Relative Proximity – Aids the surgeon in assessing how close the XLIF Dilator is to the nerve tissue
  • Real-Time – 5 stimulations per second deliver a discrete, directional and relative proximity data to the surgeon in real-time!
  • Surgeon-Driven – The surgeon controls stimulation from the sterile field – without delay, aiding in efficiency in the O.R.
M.I.S. techniques

When spine problems develop, treatment should focus on the actual source of the problem with the least amount of interruption to a patient’s life. That is why, when spine surgery is required, minimally invasive surgery (MIS) techniques almost always prove to be the more favorable solution.

MIS procedures allow the surgeon to perform each surgery through a small incision, with minimally disruptive effects on surrounding tissues and muscles, producing superior results to traditional open approaches. The field of MIS for spine continues to grow, and most conditions today can be treated with some form of minimally invasive surgery. The incision is usually 1/10 the size of the underlying mass. The minimally disruptive microsurgery procedures we perform are usually on “a day surgery” basis (same day release) and certainly always with the shortest hospitalization time possible. Henceforth, our MIS techniques at AIMIS Spine, more often than not, result in reduced surgical times, minimal tissue damage and blood loss, shorter hospital stay and a quicker return to normal activities.

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At AIMIS Spine, we strive for medical excellence and life-changing experiences. Apart from the world class medical care though, the vast surgeon knowledge and the VIP services you will be receiving, another reason to consider surgery with us is due to our location, the beautiful island of Cyprus.

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