The World’s leading neurosurgeon for Tarlov and Meningeal Cysts, Dr. Frank Feigenbaum from Dallas USA, performed this week multiple operations on Chinese patients at AIMIS in Cyprus

Nicosia, Cyprus 12/9/2018

The Founding member of AIMIS, the American Institute of Minimally Invasive Surgery, Dr. Feigenbaum, the world’s leading neurosurgeon for Tarlov and Meningeal cysts, performed this week in Cyprus multiple operations on multiple patients from China, Europe (UK, Italy) and the Middle East. This has marked the important beginning of tapping into a very large number of Chinese patients who suffer with this rare and serious spine disease and who have already committed for multiple surgeries again for Dr F’s next visit to Cyprus.

KEY SUMMARY POINTS for Tarlov & Meningeal Cysts by Dr Feigenbaum (Dr F)

• Dr F’s surgery is statistically proven to be beneficial to those suffering with these diseases.
• Undeniably Dr F has by far the most surgical experience in the world – treated more than 2,500 patients.
• The cysts that have been treated by Dr. F have not recurred.
• The surgical technique performed was developed and refined by Dr. F.
• The risks of the surgery in his hands are in the range of 5% or less even for long term problems.
• No glue used
• Supported by specific post op pain management and patient-centered care treatments and protocols

AIMIS, a world-class patient centered healthcare provider, since 2010 in Cyprus has been making available to the world the best American and International Doctors/ Surgeons, cutting edge technologies, unique and innovative medical treatments, with unparalleled excellent patient outcomes- as is indeed the case of Tarlov and Meningeal Cysts and Dr F.

AIMIS has also achieved major collaborations and strategic alliances, with leading medical institutions from US, Europe, Israel and China, enhancing its medical services, standards and practices and cementing its class as a leading center of excellence in the specialized fields of healthcare it provides. AIMIS recently signed 2 major agreements with high-profile Chinese Private hospitals groups, both listed on the Shanghai stock market, expanding its direct presence in China with both surgeries and training, research and educational programs.

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