AIMIS Labs Quality Policy


The policy of the clinical laboratory “AIMIS Labs” is to provide reliable and accurate results in the field of laboratory medicine. The determining factor for the services we offer is the well-being of our client-patients. Fulfilment of this policy is achieved by:


  • The commitment to good professional practices.
  • The adoption and observance of the Code of Ethics by the staff in which, among other things, the compliance of professional confidentiality and the protection of the personal data of the client / patient are adopted.
  • The provision of arrangements to staff which ensure that they carry out their duties free from any external pressures.
  • The preservation of complete confidentiality and privacy.
  • The provision of appropriate means and resources, the upgrading of the laboratory infrastructure and the use of modern technological equipment in laboratory analyses.
  • The employment of competent staff and providing appropriate training as well as encouraging staff participation in internal and external trainings.
  • The set and revision of goals and objectives for the continuous improvement of the quality management system’s effectiveness.
  • Recognizing and increasing the satisfaction of customer requirements within the framework of compliance with the laboratory's Code of Ethics.
  • The execution of appropriate tests - examinations for each client - patient.


The Quality System followed by AIMIS Labs is in accordance with the international Standard ISO 15189:2012.

Our staff is committed to actively supporting and implementing our Policy and other related practices and procedures during the performance of their duties.






Laboratory Director