AIMIS Healthcare Group, consisting of AIMIS Ltd that manages the group and the rest of the AIMIS companies, aims to achieve worldwide recognition as a centre of excellence, and subsequently expand AIMIS centres selectively throughout the world. It is our policy to comply with all applicable requirements, including those of our patients, US, EU, and local legislation and those of Quality Management (ISO 9001), Information Security Management (ISO 27001) & Occupational Health and Safety (ISO 45001), whilst achieving a high quality and cost-effective service for our patients. 

The basic principle and commitment of our organization, and the philosophy of its members, is to provide patients high level healthcare services that cover their conventional requirements. To achieve the above.

The Management of «AIMIS LTD» has established an integrated Management System, in reference to: “The provision of primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare, offering comprehensive medical services including Clinical Laboratories and Diagnostic Imaging Services,  concentrating on  Minimally Invasive, Robotics and other advanced, complex surgical treatments, of the highest quality and value, for the benefit of our patients”, which is applied in all the processes that can affect its services quality, its employees’, visitors’ and interested parties’ health and safety and welfare and therefore the customers’ satisfaction.  We have developed a management system to control our processes and to direct our employees to achieve this policy.

Commitment of the company is the continual improvement of the IMS by implementing the following:

  • Review and continual improvement of the characteristics of its services, the effectiveness of its processes and ultimately, theIntegrated Management System.
  • Establish measurable objectives and targets in a corporate and functional level of the Departments, which are monitored and measured, to continually improve Quality, H&S and Information Security. We are also committed to preventing injury and ill health through health & safety compliance. Representatives will be nominated to manage each of these activities and will have the responsibility to report to senior management on the current performance of the system.
  • Identify the external and internal factors that determine the Context of our Organization, which is updated and revised to address operational risks and take advantage of opportunities, taking measures where necessary.
  • Provide the essential resources for the unhindered, efficient, and effective operation of each Organization’s department.
  • Reduction, and if possible, elimination of qualitative customer complaints
  • Assures the health & safety of its employees and its customers, and other affected parties, by implementingproven risk prevention measures based on risk assessment and the conduct of regular safety inspections.
  • Providing safe and healthy working conditions by eliminating hazards for the prevention of work-related accidents and ill health.
  • Encouraging regular consultation and participation of workers and their representatives.
  • Training and informing its personnel to achieve Quality, Safety and Health consciousness regarding all activities of theOrganization.
  • Comprehensive legislative review and compliance checking to ensure the Company conforms with all applicable regulations and other requirements,
  • Establishment, implementation, and maintenance of all processes needed to prepare for and respond to potential health & safety and environmental emergency situations.
  • Maintain the security of information, whether it belongs to us, our patients or any other interested party is one of our priorities. Security risks will be reviewed and evaluated to determine the risks they pose and where appropriate, controls will be put into place to minimize the risks encountered. Breaches and attempted breeches of security will be monitored and acted upon accordingly and systems will be established to ensure that in an emergency, business can continue with the minimum of disruption.


This policy will be made available to all interested parties. AIMIS requires all directors, senior managers & employees to fulfil their legal responsibilities & to cooperate and consult with staff & management to ensure the company’s continued success and growth. All employees and contractors working for the company will be trained in, made aware and be required to comply with this policy. It will be reviewed and updated (where required) as part of the management review process. An internal evaluation, regarding employees and policies is conducted to ensure the high level of services offered, as well as the best possible internal structure is maintained. Where changes to the policy are made, it will be re-issued and implemented.